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What is the National Pet Bed Donation Program?
Animal Rescue Aid wants to make the world a better place for abused and suffering animals. Perhaps, like us, you’ve wondered what you could do to make even a small difference.
We thought about it long and hard and decided we’d be most effective if we picked one small area of need, focused our efforts and did our very best to make it right – so we set ourselves this goal:
Make it possible for every rescued dog and cat, in every shelter across the United States, to enjoy a comfortable pet bed.
It’s a simple, yet lofty goal … but with your help, we know we can accomplish it, one small pet bed at a time!

Animal Rescue Aid secures quality pet beds directly from the manufacturer – and makes them available to shelters & rescue groups at cost (only $26.95 per pet bed – for medium, even large sizes!)*. In addition, Animal Rescue Aid covers all domestic shipping costs** making every, fully tax-deductible, fund-raising dollar go even further!



Animal Rescue Aids- Pet Beds & Crate Donation

Why donate pet crates?
Pet Crates are an essential part of animal rescue – but they’re unfortunately very expensive and even more expensive to ship given their size and weight – so shelters and rescue groups mostly rely on the generosity of donations to fill this need.
That’s why we’ve launched our National Pet Crate Donation Program – to make it quick and easy for supporters of animal rescue to make a donation of a Pet Crate to a shelter or rescue group of their choice.
Best of all, they don’t have to pay fully for a crate themselves – they can ‘chip in’ for one and once a group has received enough donations for a crate, we’ll ship it right along! So literally every single dollar donated will be a big help!

Supporters can donate all or part of the cost of a crate on your behalf via our secure website at (Select  AZ Care (Center for Animal Rescue and Education)

Animal Rescue Aid – Crate Specifications:
 X-Large [100 lb dog – Lab/Rott/Dober, etc]
 42” L x 28” W x 30” H
 6-Gauge Wire
 3-Doors
 Metal Pan


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