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Cars 4 Causes® works smarter to get you, on average, the highest tax deduction value possible and the most money for charity. We accept most vehicle donations throughout the United States; cars, boats, motorcycles, and RVs. Each generous vehicle donation benefits  AZ CARE with much needed funds. Just  see our quick and easy donation process from the link above.

Donor submits a vehicle donation form from this website or contact Cars 4 Causes® via Live Chat or at 888-444-2392. Donor provides general information on the vehicle they wish to donate and  select AZ Center for Animal Rescue and Education-AZ CARE with whom they would like us to share the net proceeds. We accept most intact vehicles, whether they are running or not. Proof of ownership is required, however no smog certificate is necessary.

Schedule a No-Cost to the Donor Pick-Up:

Once a car is donated and it is accepted, one of our authorized tow companies will pick it up at no cost to the donor. Or a donor may drop off their donated vehicle at one of our car donation sales locations.

Cars 4 Causes® Sells Each Donated Car:

All donated cars will be sold at one of our vehicle donation sales locations once we have a clear transferrable title. A written acknowledgement will then be sent to the donor for their contribution.