eBay Giving Works

    If you sell on eBay, you can be a fundraiser for AZ CARE!  Each time you list an item, you can choose to donate all or part of the final sale price to AZ CARE  and because your listing will feature a banner with information about AZ CARE and our mission, you will be advertising our organization to eBay surfers who can donate directly through the eBay Giving Works page.  eBay will reward your generosity by crediting back Insertion and Final Value Fees by the same percentage you pledged from the sale.  And best of all, eBay and their partner, Mission Fish, will collect and distribute the donation, issue tax receipts and keep you and AZ CARE informed along the way.

It is this easy:

1. Click the Sell button at the top of any eBay page to get to the Sell Your Item form.

2. In the "Choose how you'd like to sell your item" section, select "Donate percentage of sale"

3. Select AZ Center for Animal Rescue and Education-AZ CARE as the nonprofit to benefit from your sale.

4.  Choose the percentage of the final sale price to donate if your item sells, from 10% to 100%, with a minimum donation of at least $1.  (If you have never sold on eBay Giving Works before, you will need to review and accept the eBay Giving Works Terms & Conditions.)

5. Complete and submit your listing - you're now an official fundraiser for AZ CARE Animal Rescue!

Need to Call us? Leave a Message at: (480) 476-3260

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